Interesting ICO – Fire Lotto International blockchain lottery

Fire Lotto is a modern blockchain lottery as simple and understandable as traditional lotteries are. 20 facts about Fire Lotto:

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1. 100% decentralized lottery platform. Everything is built on ETH smart contracts.

2. Starting from 4 popular lottery games.

3. Minimum loosing combinations = real chances to win Jack Pot.

4. 70% of tickets sales go to Jack Pot.

5. Winnings are paid out automatically after each draw.

6. Lottery ticket starting price – 2 USD.

7. Ability to add more popular lottery games.

8. Play Fire Lotto from any device without an app.

9. Play in one click.

10. Payments are d totally secured and made in one click.

11. Transparent referral program. Join us and get up to 15% cashback for each ticket sold.

12. 10% commission payments to FLOT token holders provide an endless source of crypto income.

13. The prize pool can grow up millions and millions of dollars.

14. Random number generator is based on BTC blockchain.

15. Neither winning numbers nor lottery tickets can be faked.

16. No hidden charges, taxes and etc.

17. Fire Lotto platform cannot be shut down or effected anyway.

18. The Fire Lotto is totally anonymous.

19. GitHub open code.

20. The first internet community owned lottery.

80% percent of ICOs are not backed up by any product prototype. Fire Lotto is a finished product that has already been launched.

It is questionable if traditional offline lotteries provide for fair play. As for online lotteries, code audit results show that most blockchain lotteries are either centralized or designed in such a way that their creators hold the right to use the prize pool.

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Our lottery is built on the Ethereum blockchain and uses Bitcoin. The program code is available for inspection.

Most blockchain lotteries have difficult interfaces. While designing our product, we made sure that our lottery would be easy to use even for those with only basic computer skills. We have developed a unique one-click buying mechanism which is fast, convenient, and secure.

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