Email Scam: Beware of Extortion Scams stating they have Video of You on Adult Sites and They are asking for Bitcoin Payments

Email scams are becoming big business for cyber criminals and with the rise of anonymous currency such as bitcoin the bad guys often can’t be traced.

Extortion Phishing

Extortion phishing is the practice of obtaining something, money in particular, through force or threats via email.

In this instance the victim receives an email suggesting they have been recorded through their webcam whilst watching adult websites. The criminals behind this demands a ransom or else threatens to circulate the recording to their contacts (family, friends, colleagues etc).

Scare tactics are often used to threaten the user in the hope that they will hand over funds. Scammers scour the internet for email addresses and build up lists of potential targets before they begin trying to extort your hard earned cash. If you receive an email similar to the below please be aware this is a scam!

Reports are coming in about a new extortion scam where scammers email you stating that they know the recipient’s password, have installed malware on the computer, created videos of the recipient using adult web sites through their webcam, and have stolen the recipient’s contacts.

I will cut to the chase. I know profileme123456 is your pass word. Moreover, I know your secret and I have evidence of your secret. You don’t know me and no one hired me to examine you.

It is just your hard luck that I came across your misdemeanor. In fact, I placed a malware on the adult vids (pornographic material) and you visited this website to have fun (you know what I mean). When you were watching video clips, your internet browser began functioning as a Rdp (Remote desktop) that has a key logger which provided me access to your screen and also web cam. Right after that, my software program gathered your complete contacts from fb, as well as e-mail.

I then put in much more hours than I should’ve into your life and generated a double screen video. First part shows the recording you had been viewing and other part displays the capture from your cam (its you doing nasty things).

Frankly, I’m ready to forget everything about you and let you continue with your daily life. And I will offer you two options that can achieve that. The two choices are with the idea to ignore this letter, or just pay me $ 2900. Let us investigate these 2 options in more detail.

Option 1 is to ignore this email message. Let us see what is going to happen if you pick this path. I will definitely send out your video recording to all of your contacts including members of your family, coworkers, and so forth. It doesn’t help you avoid the humiliation your self will face when family and friends discover your dirty videos from me.

Option 2 is to pay me $ 2900. We’ll name it my “privacy charges”. Now let me tell you what will happen if you pick this choice. Your secret will remain your secret. I will destroy the video immediately. You keep your routine life like none of this ever occurred.

At this point you must be thinking, “I will call the cops”. Let me tell you, I have covered my steps to ensure this message can’t be tracked time for me also it won’t stay away from the evidence from destroying your health. I am not seeking to break your bank. I just want to be compensated for the time I put in investigating you. Let’s assume you have decided to produce all of this vanish entirely and pay me my confidentiality fee. You will make the payment through Bitcoin (if you don’t know this, type “how to buy bitcoins” on google search)

Transfer Amount: $ 2900
Send To This Bitcoin Address: 15bSNxzcEZjNZo258tBmsPH5NPGfmhxayH
(It is CASE sensitive, so copy and paste it)

Share with no-one what you should use the Bitcoins for or they may not sell it to you. The method to have bitcoins may take a few days so do not wait.
I’ve a special pixel within this message, and right now I know that you’ve read this e mail. You now have two days to make the payment. If I don’t receive the BitCoins, I will definately send your video recording to your contacts including family members, coworkers, and many others. You better come up with an excuse for friends and family before they find out. Nonetheless, if I do get paid, I will destroy the proof and all other proofs immediately. It is a non-negotiable offer, so kindly don’t ruin my time and yours. Your time is running out.

The good news is that this is just a scam and no one has caught the recipient doing anything they don’t want seen on video. The bad news, though, is that these attackers may actually know a recipients password from data breaches.

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