Bitcoin Is the Most Popular, Ripple Could Be the One With the Higher Return

Bitcoin is coming off an all-time high of just under $20,000 and now trades at $8,200. In case Bitcoin returned to its previous all-time highs, investors that would purchase today will receive an ROI of 140%. Not bad.

But there are also other crypto currencies that have the potential for bigger ROI in case they return to their all-time highs. Investors may want to take a closer look at Ripple’s XRP. Currently trading around $0.70, coming off on an all-time high of just over $3.30, XRP has the potential of a 300% return.

XRP is Ripple’s cryptocurrency that can be used as a payment method, making it much easier for banks and other institutions to send money around the world. It helps reducing the cost of moving large sums of money on a global scale. The idea is for a person, for example in the United States to convert his/her USD into XRP and send it to the recipient to be converted back to the currency of their choice.

As the crypto-market gains more confidence, Ripple’s valuation should grow in tandem with the overall value of the cryptocurrency market. Ripple to date is trading around $0.70, whilst its all-time highs were closer to $3.30, marking a potential 5.44x growth. Bitcoin has around 1-1.5x, comparing its current price to previous all-time highs. Compared to Bitcoin, Ripple’s XRP is cheap and it attracts more retail investors with smaller accounts, therefore any bull moves in the crypto-market favors Ripple.

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