Invest in the world’s first ICO (Initial Coin Offering) for medical cannabis.

A new revolution in the medical industry begins with MEDK project. Based on blockchain technology, MedK plans to cultivate cannabis and extract the plant’s oil for medical purpose.

This allows us to ensure an increased security and transparency in all existing processes along the entire production line. By using this technology, the project will bring agriculture to a whole new level.

It looks like at this moment, the current cannabis industry for medical use is up to 52% of the entire cannabis industry, and projections show that it will grow to $ 20–35 billion by 2020 and will reach $ 140 billion until 2027.

MedK wants to reshape this industry by growing the cannabis plants in greenhouses. In this way we will be achieving an increased CBD production, due to some key factors such as: better control of temperature, humidity, CO2, etc., which lead in the end to the independence of the whole process in relation to all the external climatic factors.

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the 60 compounds found in cannabis. So far, THC has taken most of the attention, but people are beginning to focus more and more on CBD lately, because of its marvellous effects.

The main benefits of CBD oil:

  • Reduces pain
  • Reduces anxiety and depression
  • Reduces cancer-related symptoms and also the ones induced by medical treatments
  • Has neuroprotective properties

In order to make all this possible, Medk launches it’s ICO, by issuing tokens called MEDK. This strategy will insure the project a fast entry into the specific market and total control.

The MedK Token is based on the next generation technology and has the industry of the future behind it. Its sole purpose will be to raise the needed capital in order to build the greenhouses and to support the entire processing system, so that the outcome will be a wide range of end products.

The sale of tokens will be made in 4 stages:

  • 1st Presale — 1 MedK = $ 0.05
  • 2nd Sale — 1 MedK = $ 0.10
  • 3rd Sale — 1 MedK = $ 0.15
  • 4th Sale — 1 MedK = $ 0.20

In brief, who buys in PreSale phase at $ 0.05, can sell at $ 0.20 at the moment of our listing on the exchanges.

The MedK Token can be purchased with either other cryptocurrency (ETH, BTC, XRP or BCH) or FIAT (USD, EUR and GBP).

Buy the MedK Token now and be a part of the most thriving industry of the future.

Get involved in this branch and earn from trading the tokens up to 1000%.

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