to offer free Spotify and Netflix with its Visa Card

Cryptocurrency platform now offers a Visa card that can be used globally. In order to promote the service, the firm also offers concessions on Netflix and Spotify payments.

The clients can receive up to one hundred percent reimbursement on the subscription depending on the type of card they own. The platform is also offering up to ten percent discount on Expedia bookings while providing ten percent cashback on Airbnb bookings.

Moreover, clients would receive one-to-five percent cash back on all their purchases depending on their cards. The five types of cards represent the level of the firm’s crypto token.

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While no amount needs to be set aside for the lowest tier, the more MCO Token staked the greater perks the user receives. The cards were released in Singapore back in October last year; now the tokens are being launched in the United States as well. The product had a great market reception as more than one-hundred and twenty-five thousand reservations were made for the card.

The company plans on eliminating markups on all the services they provide. The objective is to trade cryptocurrencies at the lowest possible prices without any fees thus making the app more efficient than any exchange.

The company has not imposed annual or monthly fees on the metal cards and has no ATM withdrawal fees. The company also offers services for travelers by providing them with the lowest currency exchange rates. According to the firm, the rates are equal to the rate that Google shows.

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