What are NFTs and how can you create them?

The popularity and interest in NFTs have grown considerably over the last year. More and more celebrities, artists, and well-known companies are getting involved into the blockchain technology. That is why we decided to write about this topic. We will explain what NFTs are and how you can create and promote them.

What are NFTs?

NFT, short for “non-fungible token”, is a unique physical and digital asset. It can be a work of art, game collection, fashion collection, music track, etc. Each NFT has a unique code identifier and metadata, which is registered on the blockchain. Non-fungible tokens differ from fungible tokens, such as cryptocurrencies, as one NFT will never be equivalent to another NFT, whereas a Bitcoin, in terms of price, will always be equal to another Bitcoin.

Since NFTs are cryptographic digital assets, they can be easily authenticated. They are unique, valuable, quantitatively limited and cannot be duplicated. The crypto field and blockchain technology are very complex, but also fascinating.

Art passionates can enjoy owning masterpieces in digital format, thus getting closer to the creator or being satisfied with their new acquisition. The Romanian market is no slouch when it comes to NFTs either. Last year, 2021, saw the launch of the Stramosi project, which proved to be a success. And we, at Tokero, prove that you can create an NFT or an entire collection yourself.

How to create an NFT

The only tools you need are creativity and different, unique, appealing ideas. The creative process is sure to captivate you if you’re curious and open to the new. We invite you to join us in designing our first collection of NFTs and learn how to create.

We’ll introduce you to 4 steps described in 4 articles:

  1. Creation of visual elements (layers) for the NFT collection
  2. Generation of the NFT collection
  3. Placement on a marketplace
  4. Promoting and fundraising it

The first step in creating an NFT is research and the idea itself of the visual look you want for it. After that, you get down to the practical side: create! The method of creation is compositing layers. Discover the pictures below to understand exactly what it’s all about.

You can use Adobe Illustrator or even Canva to create the layers. It is important to choose the backgrounds and export the other elements separately with transparent backgrounds. The size of the visuals should be 1:1.

Our NFTs consist of 3 layers, 1080 x 1080 px size, and as you can see in the pictures, we used Adobe Illustrator.

Since we have the layers, we can load them into the NFT generator and get a whole collection of visuals, even 10,000, without doing this enormous work manually.

Each print screen contains layer 1, layer 2 and layer 3. However, different backgrounds and elements are needed for each layer, so that the generator will provide unique visuals for NFTs as a final result.

Layer 1 - Background Layer 2 - Element 1 Layer 3 - Element 2 The result obtained

In the next article we will explain how to get the visual of NFTs with a generator.

P.S. See here how successful StramosiSubcarpați are, and be brave! You can get anywhere you want and be successful in everything you do if you are knowledgeable enough and put in the maximum effort.

P.S.S. Together we can evolve, discover all that is new, useful, and last but not least, we can be better to each other.

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